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BestMeta participates in Top Blockchain projects conference from eastern Europe in Paris

We are happy to announce that Bestmeta’s team taking part in Blockchain
conference that is held in Paris and there are lots of top blockchain projects will be presented.

Top blockchain and ICO project from eastern Europe will be showcased in Paris during the last days of March.

The team reports that they have allocation for a pool of 10,000 BMT tokens for the event in France on 28 and 29 March

It is additional step to their goal and participation in the event of a such level is a positive moment and an important sign in Bestmeta’s track record.

Some words about the event:

Top Blockchain projects from eastern Europe showcased in paris! East-West Digital News, an information agency covering the digital markets of Eastern Europe,* is inviting entrepreneurs, investors and experts from the region to meet their French peers. Through an invite-only conference (March 29), an evening meetup (March 28), and individualized networking support, players from Eastern Europe will be able to demonstrate their project to the French crypto/blockchain community and attract attention from the media for business development and/or fundraising purposes.

BestMeta is the first of its kind platform for creating the next-generation cybersport ecosystem. In this ecosystem, stars, enthusiasts and gifted industry members have the opportunity to generate a tokenization of their own brand through direct and equal interaction with the fan base. The platform provides the function of issuing talents to branded credit talent tokens, as well as personalized tokens, which they can then offer to purchase a base of fans in exchange for exclusive services, content and projects.